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I’m Dina, Registered Dietitian, NLP coach and leading health expert helping woman just like you for over 17 years.

I went from leading an unbalanced and food-addicted life, and low energy to having a clear mind, balanced meals without losing control, and never turning to food when things were tough.

I am a busy body taking care of my family, my 2 clinics and my online business (read: I am always on the go, so I know what to do to stay in check no matter how busy you are).

I believe the way we eat should fit our lifestyle, and not the other way around (read: I don’t accept that all should fit into 1 lifestyle plan, but truly believe there is a way to finding what you truly need to lead a balanced health, nutritionally)

I have been featured on BT Montreal TV, Global Morning News, Le Must Magazine and many media and magazines over the past 16 years.

I helped over thousands of women in the last 16 years stop overeating, turning to food for comfort and always exhausted and hungry to feeling energized and free from emotional eating and loss of control with certain items…all because I know what they are going through and because I use proven systems and methods because I want my program to be their last.



Thank you for doing this! It is so absolutely what I’ve been looking for and I am feeling hopeful!


+ Other reasons to believe: Press features, client logos, celebrity endorsement or screenshots of results work well

In this challenge, you will:

Identify what type of eater you are and exactly what YOU need to focus on so that you don’t get overwhelmed at the millions of suggestions out there of what you “should” do!

Learn the 5 pillars to strengthen and focus on to get out of the vicious dieting – restricting-binging cycle so that you are free from the grips food has on you and be free!

Discover the secret to not counting calories/points, measuring your portions, or obsessively following food rules so that you can learn how to stop spending every second of your day THINKING about food!

Learn how to get out of the mental food battle of “I want to eat this but should eat that” that’s going on in your head 24/7 so that you can spend your energy on something other than food!

Learn how to overcome the environmental and emotional reasons why you turn to food so that you can spend time with your family, kids and grandkids, and get back to activities you love doing.

Understand what the missing KEY is to help you become free from compulsive and emotional eating, and how to maintain it for life!

points of uregency

Urgency with limited quantities, limited time, missed opportunity etc.


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